A Code Name Verity Fansite



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There is already a very lovely CNV fansite out there called Fly the Plane, Maddie – so why am I making another one? I DON’T KNOW.

I think I can do it without being too redundant, though.


The Many Faces of Code Name Verity


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Code Name Verity was originally published in the UK in 2012. Maureen of By Singing Light did a post about the various covers in March of 2013, but there have been more since then, so here goes!

Code Name Verity: UK

Original UK Cover, February 2012 – This one is basically impossible to find, and it has the same ISBN as the later UK editions, which doesn’t help. This is the correctly dated edition on amazon.co.uk, but the second cover is pictured, so if you’re looking for this particular cover, order at your own risk. 😉

Code Name Verity: Audio(The same art is on the audiobook narrated by Morven Christie and Lucy Gaskell, which you need to listen to IMMEDIATELY if you havenae yet.)

Code Name Verity: UKUK cover #2, dubbed the Chicken Wire Cover by my friend. This is the UK edition I have. I NEEDED a UK edition so that I’d have a printed copy that matches the audiobook. (Stay tuned for a rant on the differences between the US/UK editions at a future time.)

Code Name Verity: UKUK cover, February 2015 – Revamped chicken wire cover to match the UK Black Dove, White Raven. I like the torn paper effect of the original Chicken Wire Cover better than this one, although I really don’t love the Chicken Wire Cover period.

Code Name Verity: US US cover, May 2012 – It was this cover that sold me on the book. I fell in love with the cover and kind of resisted for a long time, but eventually I gave in. Sometimes referred to in jest as the Bondage Porn Cover, but seriously people, this is SUCH A POWERFUL DESIGN. Or maybe I just have a thing for hands. But this has always been my very favourite cover and always will be. You can also get an English large print edition with this same cover – that came out August 2013.

Code Name Verity: USUS paperback, May 2013 – I LOVE THIS COVER TOO. It has a moody beauty, with a somewhat ominous blend of threatening clouds and sunshine.

Code Name Verity: CanadaCanadian hardback, May 2012 – The Bondage Porn Cover with slightly different design. It’s pretty but somehow doesn’t pack the same punch of the US hardback in my opinion.

Code Name Verity: CanadaCanadian paperback, May 2013

Nom de code: Verity French Kindle edition – I wish this cover was on the paperback, because *HEARTEYES*

Nom de code: Verity French paperback edition, August 2014 – A variant on the English Chicken Wire Cover, without the chicken wire, and with not very much English.

nombre en clave VeritySpanish paperback, March 2013 – YAY, THE SPANIARDS WERE NOT PUT OFF BY BONDAGE PORN

codinome verityPortuguese edition, 2013 – NOR WERE THE PORTUGUESE

nume de cod: Verity

Romanian edition, 2013 – I’m fascinated by the subtle differences in the various bondage porn covers.

nome in codice verityItalian cover, June 2014 – The Italians also show good taste, in using my second-favourite cover.

code naam verityThere are two Dutch covers. This one was the first one, and apparently it’s hardcover.

codenaam verityThis is the Dutch paperback. I have a copy, and it is SUCH fun to look through, even though I Cannot Read Dutch. Also, it’s kind of about time Maddie was on the cover, because the story is REALLY ALL ABOUT HER.

kodnamn verity Swedish Cover! I’m guessing the one in furs is supposed to be Julie. I don’t picture Maddie looking as glamourous as either of these girls, but all the same, yay for another cover with Maddie on!

krycí jméno verity Czech edition! I’m choosing to believe this is also Maddie. That would bring Covers Featuring Maddie to 3, out of 13ish covers.

孤注一擲 / Gu zhu yi zhi

In Chinese! I have no idea how to link you to acquire this one, sorry. If you have a source, let me know!

孤注一擲 / Gu zhu yi zhiHere’s a Chinese one I can link you to, though!

kryptonim verityPolish edition, 2014 – Guuuuuys how awesome is “KRYPTONIM”??? I mean… KRYPTONIM.

Fedőneve VerityHungarian edition, 2015 – I think this might be my favourite variant on the original bondage porn cover. I like the red accents on the background text, as if Anna has taken her pen to it!שם צופן: וריטיHebrew edition, 2015 – SO PRETTY. It’s a perfect blend of Maddie and Julie: Maddie in the air, and Julie writing in night and fog.

암호명 베리티Korean edition, 2015 – I love the unclutteredness of this one! The text seems to be part of the picture instead of overpowering it.



コードネーム・ ヴエリテイJAPANESE JULIE. (2017)

I think this might be the best non-bondage-porn cover ever.

Buy it here, if so inclined.

There is also a Turkish edition, called kȃǧittan itiraflar, which translates to “confessions on paper”. 2014. I can’t find any trace of it anywhere though. It seems to have vanished into…

night and fog.